Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Night of Clutter Oct 2011

A Night of Clutter is a 4 hour, multi-room event organized by Brett Zweiman featuring prearranged band performances and completely open (in terms of what can be played and who can join in) improvisational rooms.

This video features, among others, Marc Edwards, Gene Janas, Ernest Anderson III, Tor Snyder, Takuma Kaniwa, Ron Anderson, Lawry Zilmrah, Colin Sanderson, Michael Battaglia, Paul Feitzinger, Alex Lozupone, Nick Wolven, Michael Kaplan, Shante Clair, Brett Zweiman, and Thomas Occhiogrosso.

The groups include Marc Edwards Slipstream Time Travel, Pain Hertz, Manburger Surgical, and Queen Elephantine.

Some other videos currently up from that night, which feature Thomas Occhiogrosso and Alex Lozupone:

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